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Instrument Repairs

Guitar and String Instrument Repairs

Having an issue with a guitar or violin? No problem! Tom has decades of experience and can fix just about any issue with your instrument from a simple restring to a broken headstock. Our turn-around time for guitar and string instrument repairs is usually less than a week, sometimes less than an hour, and occasionally less than a minute. Of course, if we have to wait for special parts, tools, or other supplies, this could be longer.

Guitar/String Instrument Services

  • Guitar Set-up
  • Restring
  • Intonation
  • Neck Adjustment
  • Tuner Install
  • Pickup Install
  • Electronics Repair/Upgrade
  • And more!

Amp and Keyboard Repairs

Here at World of Music we can also handle repairs involving amplifiers, keyboards, or even speakers. If you're having a bit of buzz, or your amp is cutting in and out, feel free to stop by and let us have a look. The turn-around time for amps, keyboards, or speakers is usually around a week or two.

Amp/Keyboard Services

  • Tube Replacement
  • Soldering
  • Speaker Replacement
  • General Maintenance
  • And more!

Drum and Percussion Repairs

Not only has our drum guy Steve been playing for years, but he's also experienced in repairs! He can simply clean up a drum set for you, or change the head on a tambourine if necessary. Steve also has a collection of drum hardware if you find yourself missing some pieces. The average turn-around time for drum and percussion repairs is less than a week.

Drum/Percussion Services

  • Drum Tuning
  • Drum Head Installation
  • Drum Set Assembly
  • Pedal and Hardware Maintenance
  • Installation of Parts and Accessories

Band Instrument Repairs

In addition to repairing amps and guitars, we can also handle your band instrument repair needs. If you have an old trumpet that has been collecting dust in the attic, or a saxophone with a dent in it, bring it by! Our average turn-around time for band instrument repairs is about a week or two.

Band Instrument Services

  • Instrument Setup
  • Cleaning
  • Pad/Cork Replacement
  • Dent Removal
  • And more!