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Selling an Instrument?

Looking to sell some gear? At World of Music, we are always buying! If you bring your item into the store and let us have a look at it, we can purchase it directly from you, or you can always trade it to knock some bucks off of your new gear.

Another option is to let us help you sell your item by putting it onto our eBay store. We are a "Top-rated seller" with a positive feedback rating of 100%--our reputation gives people confidence to bid on our auctions.

Finally, you can put your item on consignment through World of Music. What this means is that you tell us how much money you’d like to get out of your gear, and we’ll put it out on the floor to be showcased and sold right along with our other products.

If you have an instrument that you’re thinking about selling, stop in or call us at (814) 459-2585 with any questions.