Guitars & Basses

One of the coolest and most popular instruments out there, the guitar is fun to learn and something truly special. Whether you're looking for your first guitar or a new one to add to your collection, our sales staff is full of experienced players who can help you find your perfect fit, from wild & crazy to classic & traditional.

Our selection of electric and acoustic guitars is unsurpassed, and guitar players from all over the Lake Erie region count our store as a top destination. You will instantly recognize some of the names like Fender, Gibson, Taylor, Martin and Yamaha

Sometimes overlooked, but never forgotten, the bass is the instrument that holds the low end together and powers the groove. You may be looking for your first bass or adding to your collection. No matter if you want a 4, 5, or 6 string model, our staff of experienced musicians can help you find just the right one. We stock top brands like Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez, and more! Whether you want to practice quietly at home or shake the floor live, we have the amps and effects that help you get that perfect sound out of your head and into the room. 

We carry a huge selection of used guitars & basses because we are always buying used gear, and we take trade-ins. You really never know what you'll find. We have been here, doing this for over sixty years and would love to help you find your next guitar or bass. Can't make it in? We have real musicians who will take your call at 814-459-2585.