Guitar & Fretted Instrument Repair

Having an issue with a guitar or bass? No problem! Our string technician Tom has decades of experience and can fix just about any issue with your instrument from a simple restring to a broken headstock. Our turn-around time for guitar and string instrument repairs is usually less than a week. Of course, if we have to wait for special parts, tools, or other supplies, this could be longer. Call us at 814-459-2585 for any questions regarding your repair.

Band & Orchestra Repair

Broken violin string? Worn out pads on your saxophone? A dent in your trumpet? Rely on our experienced staff for band & orchestra instrument maintenance. Our average turn-around time for band instrument repairs is usually about a week or two. Repairs always stay local (except manufacturer defects) so you can check the status of your repair at any time. Need specific answers? Call us at 814-459-2585!

Percussion Repair

Not only has our drum tech Steve been playing for years, but he's also experienced in repairs! From a simple head change to a full drum kit overhaul, you're covered. The average turn-around time for drum and percussion repairs is less than a week. Call us at 814-459-2585 for more info!

Electronics Repair

Here at World of Music we can also handle repairs involving amplifiers, keyboards, pedals and speakers. No matter if your amp needs new tubes, or your keyboard needs new key sensors, stop by and let us have a look. The turn-around time is usually around a week or two, sometimes longer if additional parts are needed. A $60 deposit is required at drop-off for all electronic repairs, and is applied to the final cost. Call us at 814-459-2585 if you have more questions!