Instrument Rental

What's Included?

In a word, everything! Your monthly payment covers the instrument, the tax, and the accessories that your child needs to get started. We even include one free private lesson with one of our teachers to ensure a positive first experience. 

Do I Ever Own The Instrument?

Yes. This is a Rent-to-Own Program. There is a three-month minimum rental period to make sure that the student gives the instrument a fair try. After 28 monthly payments, the instrument is yours to keep. 

Percussion and orchestra instruments are not rent-to-own, they are rent-only. 

What Do I Need to Bring?

You'll need a Pennsylvania driver’s license, a major credit card, your checking account information, and your first payment. All prices include free maintenance and PA state sales tax; there are no additional or hidden fees, taxes, repair and maintenance agreements, or financing charges. 

Download Our Brochure For More Info

Rental Brochure 2017. (pdf)